Find illegal content

We are specialized in finding illegal content on different platforms. We dig deeper and find more than any automated system.

Delete illegal content

The illegal content is requested for deletion. The request will be sent on the same day to the hoster / webmaster.

Control the entries

The piracy of content is constantly monitored. Each entry is checked. Any violation is documented.

Competent, fast, flexible and extremely reliable

All infringing links for your content must be discovered, matched and removed as quickly as possible.

1. Contact

Contact us. Write a mail and describe your problem. Give us a short information about your works, e.g. titles, starring, etc.

2. Offer

You will receive a non-binding offer. The decision is yours whether you want to accept it or not.

3. Service

We check the various platforms and collect data about your illegal hosting files. The hoster / webmaster is asked to delete illegal files.

4. Result

You will get a report. This is what files we have found and whether they have been deleted or are still active.

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